Triathlon / Duathlon Cycle Route

  1. Leave the transition area on foot with your bike
  2. Use the the gate to exit the field onto Pool Drive
  3. When instructed mount your bike
  4. At the end of Pool Drive turn right onto Beach Road
  5. Shortly afterwards turn left turn from Beach Road onto the A496

IMORTANT NOTE: the 2 junctions at at Beach Road (numbered as 4, 5, 10 and 11) will be controlled by Professional Traffic Managers who will stop cars to give priority to cyclists.   At ALL other junctions cyclists must follow the normal rules of the road - our other marshalls are not permitted to stop traffic.

  1. Proceed along the A496 to Glan-y-Wern then turn right onto the B4573. This road is closed to normal traffic but be aware that a residents are permitted to use the road for access.
  2. Follow the B4573 up the hill to Harlech
  3. As you approach the cross roads in the centre of Harlech follow the cones and marshalls instructions to complete a 180o turn and return down the hill. When descending the hill you are not permittied to cross the centre of the road
  4. Turn left at Glan-y-Wern onto the A496
  5. Return to Harlech and turn right into Beach Road
  6. Turn Left into the Pool Drive
  7. Dismount when instructed and use the gate to return to transition

Any rider exceeding the speed limit or crossing the central white line will be disqualified.